Disappearing Doctors

Do you have a disappearing doctor?

I sure hope so. 

A yoga instructor recently told our class: “My job as your teacher is to be here but then fade away.”  I had to pause and think about that…. 

In the meantime, let me tell you that the room had no mirrors.  It was a recipe for yoga deliciousness.  If you have ever felt that deliciousness, you know what I’m talking about!

With the instructor softly guiding and the inability for us to stare ourselves silly for 60 solid minutes, we turned inward….and stopped focusing on the wrong things…. 

  • Body image

  • Yoga outfits

  • The disease of comparison

  • Am I doing this pose “right”?

  • Does the instructor think I suck at this?

  • Who is going to fart this time? 

On and on and on.

All of this had me reflecting on my own job. 

It might sound backward, but I strive to be a doctor that FADES AWAY.  Now don’t misinterpret this.  I stand up for you and guide you toward your health goals. Hard. 

But ultimately, if I am doing my job, you will NEED me less and less over time.  While you will always need a doctor, YOU should become the star.

As your health improves, you should need less and less guidance.

This SHOULD be the whole point of medical care.

In some countries, physicians are paid when their patients get well.  Under the health insurance model in the United States, physicians are paid for treating ill people, not necessarily for making them well. 

Can you imagine if your doc was paid only when you were truly getting healthier?  What if they were paid more the less you needed their care?

I can guarantee you medical treatments would drastically change!!

Until then, I plan to continue my backward approach and watch YOU thrive. 

Laura Neville