Art meets Science in Thyroid Medicine:  It’s a Beautiful Thing!

Autoimmunity is thought to occur from a multitude of factors. Genetic predisposition + stress + inflammation + leaky gut + immune dysfunction = an immune “attack” on bodily glands/organs. 
So then, why does one person develop autoimmunity of the joints (rheumatoid arthritis), while another develops autoimmunity of the thyroid gland (Hashimoto’s) and yet another, autoimmunity of the adrenal glands (Addison’s), or the pancreatic beta cells (Type 1 Diabetes)?
Conventional medicine does not have a sure answer. It is theorized that certain tissues cross-react with substances the immune system sees as a threat, creating antibodies programmed to destroy the gland or organ it mistakes as that same threat.
In my opinion, this is where alternative and ancient medical theories hold power. Whenever I find conventional medicine to fall short of explanation, I often turn to ancient traditional theories, providing a beautiful marriage of the old and the new. 
Looking at the body through multiple medical lenses allows me to gain a much better understanding of the body. We don’t have to subscribe only ONE medical theory. We can subscribe to them all. This is where the science and art of medicine combine, and IT'S A BEAUTIFUL THING!
In ancient medical theories (such as Chinese and Ayruvedic Medicine), the energy of the body is given great attention. Every body is a mass of energy, down to the atomic level. Even the most conventional among us can’t argue this scientific viewpoint. The energy of the body needs move, uninhibited.  Just like the heart energy gives beat to sustain life, other bodily tissues need energetic fluidity in order to provide health. 
Hashimoto’s Science: 
With this type of theory, how do we explain autoimmunity of the thyroid gland? Autoimmune thyroiditis, or “Hashimotos” occurs when the immune system has produced antibodies to thyroid tissue. Over time, the thyroid gland can lose the ability to function, and becomes unable to produce thyroid hormones. Every cell in the body needs thyroid hormone to function, which is why we see a vast array of health issues in Hashimotos: from poor cognition, to slow digestion, to slow metabolism to infertility, and everything in between.  
Hashimoto’s Art: 
Just like anxiety can be felt in the stomach or tension be felt in the jaw or upper back, stress can also show up in the skull as a headache or in the diaphragm as heartburn. An energetic stagnation of the 5th chakra, or the throat area, is a potential contributing factor to the development of thyroiditis.
When this throat energy is blocked, you may be suppressing your needs or desires. You may find yourself unable to speak your truth. You may find yourself frustrated and unable to manifest your life’s dreams. You may not be able to act in a creative manner or you may feel detached from others. 
Speaking and communicating through this 5th chakra allows for energetic movement. If you have thyroid issues, ask yourself: 

  • Am I able to speak my mind?  

  • Do I feel free to communicate my opinions? 

  • Do I say what I need to say?

Game Plan: 
Take this week to speak freely and energize your throat chakra. Be sure that voice comes from your heart - not your head.  Speak the truth, as you know it. No need to be bossy or aggressive, just truthful and genuine; don’t hold back.  
Do it for your thyroid gland!  It will thank you.
In health and happiness,

Dr. Laura Neville

Laura Neville