The Leaking Roof Of Chronic Disease

Patch Those Holes!

If you have seen me in private practice, you may have heard this analogy - but I am going to say it again, because IT...IS...SO...CRAZY...IMPORTANT.

Naturopathic treatment plans can sometimes feel overwhelming. Naturopathic doctors aren't known for one-hit-wonder medications.

But this is because we are working from a root-cause approach.

Green smoothies, yoga, green tea & then green beans, deep breaths, 2 meditation sessions each day & 8+ hrs of sleep each night with a sprinkle of green super-food acai berry powder.  Oh, and don't forget those expensive probiotics and fish oil.  All while fully hydrated 🙃

Sometimes it feels like too many THINGS to do, too many supplements, too many changes to make. 

I hear you. I've felt that way myself along this journey. But I also have a proposition for you to consider....

To become a new and better version of yourself, you have to push outside of your comfort zone. Guess who likes doing this? NO ONE. It goes against our very nature.  We are wired to protect ourselves, to stay safe and cozy.  If you are 100% happy with your health, then keep on keep'n on.

BUT, if you desire more for yourself, read on. 

Dr. Dale Bredesen publishedthe first paper in historyto show REVERSAL of memory issues and dementia. Not just management or slowing down….REVERSAL.⬅️ (see link below for this study).

The treatments he implemented are naturopathic therapies✨ Not a breakthrough drug, not some new fancy surgery. 

He explains: If you have a leaky roof, there might be 50+ holes. Coming in with one roof patch (i.e. 1 medication) leaves 49 holes. The room is still flooding! ☔

This multiple holes-in-the-roof story happens with dementia, but also with EVERY CHRONIC HEALTH ISSUE.  As a modern society, we have often been chasing the wrong path to find "cures" in drugs and surgeries. And it's no wonder we are only becoming more sick, as a whole. 

In order to truly heal, you need to patch enough holes to reach a TIPPING POINT. There is a SYNERGISTIC EFFECT of patchwork and health issues then begin to unravel on their own.  

Use enough tools matched to your physiology and watch out! This is TRUE HEALING. Instead of overwhelm, feel the excitement of all those patches! 🌟

True healing won’t happen overnight. It happens gradually. This is how you know it’s the REAL DEAL. Not a band-aid.

Now go patch some holes with me! 🔨

Laura Neville