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what we treat

hormone imbalances

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Just because a symptom is common does not mean it is normal.  Find out if you have symptoms of hormonal imbalance and what to do about it. 

type 1 diabetes


Managing type 1 diabetes is a full-time job.  Get the support you need to live a long and healthy life, avoiding long-term complications.  Focus on the positive and be free to live your life, your way. 


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Hashimoto's is a multifaceted autoimmune condition.  Treatment aim should not just be about replacement of thyroid hormones.  We assess your entire system, not just the thyroid.     

Benefits of Naturopathic Healthcare

  • Comprehensive and individualized treatments

  • A physician who looks outside of conventional care to give you a leg-up

  • Help to design a lifestyle that works for you

  • Health education for self empowerment

  • Inspiration for an abundant life

  • Enhanced physical and mental performance

  • Medicine that transforms

  • Therapies that work with your body for magnified impact

  • Compassionate guidance to optimal health




If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, let's get to work and help you feel better!

  • Fatigue

  • Weight Gain

  • Sleep issues

  • Low Mood

  • Brain Fog

  • Joint and or Muscle Pain

  • Allergies

  • PMS

  • Sugar cravings

  • Dry Skin

  • Hair Loss

  • Thinning skin/Aging skin

  • Bloating

  • Hot Flashes

  • Sensitivity to Cold

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Constipation

  • Menstrual Irregularities

  • Low libido

  • Brittle nails or hair


Do you suffer from hormone imbalance?

Find out what symptoms are COMMON but not NORMAL





Change your health overnight

An Inspirational Guide to Eating Whole Foods. Change Your Health Overnight By Changing What You Eat.


Dr. Laura

A physician obsessed with your health and well being.  She walks the talk, committing to a healthful diet and lifestyle along with you, ensuring that your care is participatory and inspiring.  




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  • Dr. Neville has been more than a doctor, she has been a miracle worker for me. I had been living as an invalid, stuck inside my house with all the blinds and curtains shut to keep out agonizing light. My migraines were so constant and so intensely painful, it hurt even to read. For years, no neuologists or medicines, and I had many, were able to help me. I had no life. With Dr. Neville's compassionate work with me, I now have my normal life back! I can go outside during the day and have resumed all my previous busy activities. She has completely changed my life and I can't recommend her highly enough.
    — J.S.
  • Fantastic Doctor, could not recommend her more. Very insightful & intuitive. She sat w/ me for an hour and addressed all my medical needs - not like regular doc where it's 15 minutes then they prescribe a pill and shove me out the door. I feel like she genuinely cares about my health!
    — R.W.
  • Have dealt with digestion issues most my adult life, doctors couldn't do anything to help but prescribe acid blockers and pain relievers. Dr Neville explained to me the importance of diet and has helped reshape the way I see healthy eating and has helped me tremendously.
    — G.S.
  • I am a thyroid cancer survivor. Living without a thyroid and being on thyroid replacement medication Is very challenging. Dr. Neville has been wonderful in working with me to regain and maintain my active lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Laura!
    — L.W.
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Eat This, Not that

Nutrition is the foundation of health.  We work with you to tailor a nutrition plan specifically suited to your unique system.  With the ideal fuel, your body will thrive.

Autumn Stew

Famous whole foods Stew

Made from 100% whole foods.  The perfect recipe for a full belly and all day energy.


Sausage and Apple stuffed acorn squash

Cook up a few of these on Sunday.  Lay down a bed of spinach to create the perfect weekday meal.

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Every day smoothie

This smoothie is great for those on lower carb diets.  Simple and delicious. Drink up to bathe your cells in dense nutrition.