Want Even More Energy?

A simple and effective way to boost energy levels, using something you already do every day. . .         

Have you heard about hydrotherapy, aka 'water'-therapy?  It's a therapy with a long history of beautiful health benefits, but often overlooked.  


Probably because it's so simple. We are often searching for seemingly more complex/fancy treatments, even when some of the most powerful treatments are just under our nose.  

For hundred of years, healers around the world have used CONTRAST HYDROTHERAPY.  While this healing method has fallen from popularity in recent times, its health benefits remain for all time.

Use this ancient technique to increase circulation, delivering nutrients to all tissues, as well as flushing toxins away.

  • it’s easy

  • it’s quick

  • it’s free (only the cost of what you are already paying for shower water)

  • it’s safe and effective

  • it can be used every day 

  • it's instantly energizing

How to:

The easiest way to accomplish the health effects is to stand under the shower head with…

    1) 3 minutes of hot water, all over your body

    2) 30 seconds of cold water, all over your body

    3) repeat steps 1 and 2 in three cycles, ending on cold

This contrast in temperature creates apumping action, expanding and contracting the blood vessels to more effectively move circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.  

Instant energy! 

The greater the temperature difference, the greater the healing benefit.

If you are unable to stand extremes in temperature change, don’t worry.  Just start out with small differences in temperature (i.e. warm and cool or even neutral water), as this will also be of benefit.  

Gradually work up to greater and greater temperature differences.

Treat yourself to daily hydrotherapy; it’s like a spa treatment in your very own shower.  


*Take care if you suffer from cardiovascular problems or any other major health concerns.  If you are uncertain, speak to a qualified physician about using contrast hydrotherapy safely.

Want even more energy? 

You can add a few drops of pure essential oil to your shower for even more energy. Lavender can calm anxious thoughts while eucalyptus, peppermint or citrus can revitalize body and mind.